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CJ SMART CARGO SHANGHAI Won the 2017 Shanghai Famous Brand


On December 31, 2017, the list of 2017 Shanghai Famous Brand was revealed and CJ SMART CARGO SHANGHAI Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was included on the list.

This award of 2017 Shanghai Famous Brand marks that CJ SMART CARGO SHANGHAI has become a famous domestic brand enterprise with high brand recognition, excellent service quality, large market capacity, and good user evaluation, which will be active factors in enhancing the international competitiveness of CJ SMART CARGO SHANGHAI and implementing global Brand strategy.

In order to further increase the promotion of the famous brand strategy in Shanghai, encourage enterprises in Shanghai to actively implement the brand strategy and build a group of dominant brands with independent intellectual property rights and strong international competitiveness, and establish Shanghai's brand image, Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee Office organizes relevant industry organizations, competent authorities and experts in the city to conduct primary review, first review, professional review, social assessment, comprehensive review and online publicity for 501 items, 260 services and 25 items of tomorrow's stars declared by 739 enterprises in accordance with the Shanghai Famous Brand Management Measures. Finally after the review and approval by the plenary meeting of Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee, 399 products, 195 services and 14 items of tomorrow's star applications from 572 enterprises are recommended as 2017 Shanghai Famous Brand.

CJ SMART CARGO SHANGHAI Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary established in 2009 by CJ SMART CARGO in Shanghai. It provides brand-wide corporate supply chain operations throughout the country and enhances the user experience for global customers substantially. Based on the core business such as EPC engineering logistics, ocean engineering logistics and oil and gas chemical logistics, we will continue to expand our business areas. CJ SMART CARGO SHANGHAI is a national high-tech enterprise, a key supporting enterprise of the National Development and Reform Commission, a national top 100 freight logistics enterprise, a professional, precise,special and new enterprise in Shanghai, a little science giant company in Shanghai and a recommended enterprise of China-Africa Cooperation Forum of WTO. It owns 28 national software intellectual property rights independently and can provide global customers with high-end experience of smart EPC supply chain operation.