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CJ Smart Cargo Group (Qingdao CJ Smart Cargo International Logistics Co., Ltd./Shanghai SMART CARGO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd.) provides you with leading integrated smart logistics solutions worldwide. Through core business such as marine engineering logistics, EPC engineering logistics, oil and gas chemical logistics, and providing innovative, personalized, integrated and intelligent expert logistics services to world-class enterprises in African supply chains, overseas warehouses, factory relocation and other innovative business areas. CJ Smart Cargo Logistics is an EPC logistics general contractor under China's “Belt and Road” national strategy. It is also trusted by the government and scientific research institutions. It cooperates to build the industry's first engineering logistics supply chain management big data platform to serve as an EPC along the “Belt and Road” Enterprises provide data decision-making services.

CJ Smart Cargo logistics network covers 9 industrial cities and ports in China and has 15 self-operated branches overseas. The business scope covers 50 major ports and inland cities in five countries of Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia, and has become a strategic partner with more than 200 overseas agents. CJ Smart Cargo Logistics is a national high-tech enterprise, 2017 Ernst & Young Fudan's most promising enterprise technology giant company, national top 100 logistics enterprise, and WTO China-Africa Cooperation Forum recommended enterprise. It independently owns 28 national software intellectual property rights to provide you with global smart EPC High-end experience of supply chain operations.



In January, Defined new CJ SMART CARGO Vision, Mission and Values.
In January, Became the Chairman Unit of Africa Special Alliance Committee of INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ENTERPRISE ALLIANCE.


Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Daohe Supply Chain in Jan. 2019.
Attend 2109 Asia Breakbulk Expo in Mar. 2019.
Launch a new program ---“SCA Africa Express”.
Built an Iron Army of marketing team in Oct. 2019.
Mrs. Rossella LV, president of CJ SMART CARGO, was awarded the “Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of China Shipping in 2019” in Dec. 2019.


Established the Uganda branch in Jan. 2018.

Got the “ 2017 Freight Forwarding Logistics Innovation Award” in Jan. 2018.

Mrs. Rossella LV, president of CJ SMART CARGO won the award of “ 2017   Outstanding Women Entrepreneur of China Shipping Industry” in Jan. 2018.

Mrs. Rossella LV, president of CJ SMART CARGO won the award of “the Leading  Entrepreneur of Hongkou District, Shanghai, China” in Jan. 2018.

Established Zambia branch in May. 2018.

Mrs. Rossella LYU, president of CJ SMART CARGO was awarded the “Top 40 Outstanding Logistics Entrepreneur” during 40 years since reform and opening-up.

Startup of  further new business--Supply chain management business.

SCU run the “Could School” in Jun. 2018.
Team building for senior management. Theme is the sprit of Jinggangshan in Jul. 2018.


Mrs. Rossella LV, president of CJ SMART CARGO won the title of “Woman Pace-setter" in Mar. 2017.

Smart Cargo held the opening ceremony of SCU.

Established the Nepal branch and the Middle East region in Apr. 2017.

Won the award "century maritime silk road in 21st Century“ award to encourage the outstanding contribution to Chinese shipping industry in May. 2107.

Mrs. Rossella LV, president of CJ SMART CARG won the individual award of “Mayor Quality Award” in Hongkou District of Shanghai in Jul. 2017.

Held the 15th anniversary celebrate of Smart Cargo. Be awarded "most potential enterprise“ by the Ernst & young's Fudan China in Sep. 2017.

Established the Uganda branch, in Oct. 2017.

In December, Shanghai Smart Cargo Supply Chain Management CO.,LTD was awarded the outstanding brand of Shanghai in Dec. 2017.


Started the Smart Cargo Round table project in Jan. 2016.

Be Awarded the title of “Famous Brand of Shandong province” in Jan. 2016.

Got the certificate of AAA credit rating qualification in May. 2016.

WeChat version of ‘Smart Cargo I CLOUD’ put into service in Sep. 2106.

Got the National high-tech enterprise recognition in Oct. 2016.

Completed the shareholding reform in Dec. 2016.


Won the 11th  big award in Shipping Industry - Golden Wheel in Jan. 2015.

Won the 8 intellectual property rights of national software in Feb. 2015.

Some of the managers hiked through Gobi desert, the distance totaled 82 kilometers in May.

Established Chengdu branch in Jul. 2015.

Got the certification of National high-tech enterprise in Sep. 2015.

Won the “TOP 100 GOOD Brand Value Logistics Enterprises” in Nov. 2015.


Established the CJ SC TANZANIA LOGISTICS (T) LTD. in Jun. 2014.

Established the LIUHE INTERNATIONAL LTD. in Tanzania in Aug. 2014.

Ranked 68th in the list of TOP 100 Domestics Freight Forwarders in Aug. 2014.

Won “TOP 100 GOOD Brand Value Logistics Enterprises“ of 2014 in Oct. 2104.

Won “ Best Domestics Special Logistics Enterprise ”of 2014 in Oct. 2014..

Shanghai Smart Cargo Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Removed in Dec. 2014.


Signed cooperation agreement with Korea CJ Group in Apr. 2013.

Been awarded the “2013 TOP 10 Investment Value Enterprise” in domestics shipping Industry in Dec. 2013.


“Keen Insight, forging ahead with determination ” was awarded the famous brand in Shanghai in Apr. 2012.

Established Xinjiang branch in Apr. 2012.

Established Vietnam office in Aug. 2012.

Celebrated for the 10th  anniversary of Smart Cargo in Sep. 2012.


The air transport regulatory warehouse of Shanghai Smart Cargo is officially operational in Jan. 2011.

Won the 2010 national advanced logistics enterprise in Apr. 2011.

Registered the brand of “KEEN INSIGHT, Forgoing ahead with determination” in May. 2011.

Won the 8th China freight industry grand award of the best freight agency import service Top 10 enterprises and ‘export service Top 10 enterprises’ two awards in Jun. 2011.

Establishing the Chongqing branch and there are 9 branches in that time in Oct. 2011.

Was listed in the Top 100 logistics enterprises in Nov. 2011.


Determined the medium-term strategy which concentrates on EPC and professional service and making standard of behavior of employees, managers and senior executives in Jan. 2010.

Became the logistics supplier in China of Sumitomo Corporation in Feb. 2010.

Shanghai Smart Cargo got the non-vessel carrier qualification in May.2010.

Shenzhen branch and Ningbo branch moved to new site in Many. 2010.

The supply chain management system obtained the national computer software copyright certificate in Jul. 2010.

Employee stock ownership is officially implemented in Aug. 2010.

Joined in GPLN in Aug. 2010.

Zibo branch, Jinan branch and Beijing branch removed to new site in Aug. 2010.

Smart Cargo Shanghai branch removed into International shipping finance building in Pudong district in Sep. 2010.

It has been shortlisted for the top 100 logistics in China in Sep. 2010.

Won two awards of China logistics brand value top 100 enterprises and 2010 China logistics classic solutions in Nov. 2010.


Be selected as one of Qingdao's first municipal key logistics enterprises in Feb. 2009.

Moved to the TIANBAO International Plaza in Mar. 2009.

Joined the China Association for Promoting UN Procurement.

Joined the TACE GROUP in Apr. 2009.

Passed the national 4A-level logistics enterprise evaluation of China federation of logistics and purchasing (CFLP) in Jun. 2009.

Became the member of CFLP in Jul. 2009.

Established Dalian Branch. So far, CJ Smart Cargo have 7 domestic branches.

Got the ISO9001:2008 certification in August. 2009.

Established the wholly-owned subsidiary (Shanghai Smart Cargo Supply Chain  Management Co. Ltd. ) in Oct. 2019.

Established Beijing Branch in Oct. 2009.


Established Qingdao Smart Cargo WeiYe international transportation Ltd. with the US KOG, controlled by Smart Cargo.

Became the booking agent of Hainan Airlines in Feb. 2008.

Used the THYNN 4R execution system from Mar. 2008.

Started the Internal publication “SMART CARGO VIEWPOINT” in Mar. 2008.

Became the booking agent of Korean Air in Mar. 2008.

Established the India office in Apr. 2008.

For the first time ranked among the TOP 100 logistics companies, ranked 7th among the fast-growing young enterprise in China.

Got the license of NVOCC in May. 2008.

Shanghai branch removed and the number of employees increased to 30 in May. 2008.

Became the booking agent of Etihad Airways in May. 2008.

Official website was revised in Jun. 2008.

Established Tianjin branch and having 6 branches in China in Sep. 2008.

Started the LCL business from Ningbo/Shanghai to Turkey in Sep. 2008.

Established the Management center and Overseas marketing center in Oct. 2008.

Signed a tripartite contract with CHINA BAOWU STEEL GROUP and MCC5  Group Shanghai Ltd. in Nov. 2008.

Started to operate the 30-month overseas cement plant project in Namibia.


Ranked among Domestics TOP 50 Private Companies in Apr. 2007.

Established Zibo branch in May. 2007.

Signed contract with the India Reliance and developing the India lines in May. 2007.

Established Ningbo branch in Jun. 2007.

Held 5th anniversary celebration of CJ Smart Cargo and making the 5th anniversary albums and DVD in Aug. 2007.

RORO business was booming. More than 6,000 vehicles was exported throughout 2007.


Successfully operated the first RORO vessel of Qingdao port in Mar.2006.

Established the 保税区立萨国际物流有限公司(思锐佳德) in Mar.2006.

Established the Jinan Branch and the Shenzhen Branch.

Moved the Shanghai Branch to a new place, which showed the full expansion of the business in Aug. 2006.

Established the training system with the famous Mr. Ruxiang Jiang and Mr. Tian Xiang Guo in Oct. 2006.

Successfully operated RORO and break-bulk shipment and started cooperation with some global TOP 500 companies, such as CHINA BAOWU STEEL GROUP, US AIR PRODUCTS and other world's top 500 companies.


Designed the VI handbook in Mar. 2005.

Established the company’s website in Mar. 2005.

Moved to 11F, the CBD Time Square from the New World Building in Apr. 2005.

Issued the Smart Cargo basic law in Jun. 2005.

Joined WCA global network in Jul. 2005.

Got the CAFA and became the booking agent of Asiana airlines, southern airlines.

And signed the contract with MSC for US Line in Sep. 2005.


Established Smart Cargo International service CO., LTD in Mar. 2004.

Established Shanghai Branch in Apr. 2004.

Started RORO business and successfully operated the export business of SINO TRUCK in May. 2004.

Got the certification of 1st level Freight Forwarder, became member of CIFA in May. 2004.


Established agency in Qingdao Liuting International Airport to develop the air service and the Sea-air transportation service in Sep. 2003.

Started cooperation with well-known enterprises such as SINOTRUCK, Hisense, LAIGANG Group, etc.


Established Qingdao Smart Cargo logistics service limited in August. 2020.

Developed DDP service in Russia in Sep. 2002.