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The intelligent tracking and tracking technology test of SPC Logistics EPC's major cargo labels was a complete success!

In June 2017, the patented project independently researched and developed by CJ SMARTCARGO Logistics, CJ SMARTCARGO Logistics Intelligent EPC heavy-duty cargo label visual tracking technology test was successfully completed. The pilot project is a major cement plant project in Tianjin. Freight was delivered from Tianjin Port to a local plant in Africa, with a total volume of 334 pieces and 2,000 cubic meters. With the perfect logistics tracking system and advanced management mode, EPC's bulk cargo flow has realized the entire logistics tracking, which has been widely praised by customers.

The pilot label tracking project and its supporting logistics tracking self-service platform is one of the important information projects promoted by Sirui Logistics this year, and it is planned to be officially opened to customers at the end of the year, so as to fully build the intelligent logistics supply of the EPC logistics industry The chain system sets the benchmark for informationization in the EPC logistics industry.

Project team on-site scanning

In the past, the transportation of major pieces of EPC logistics was difficult to track due to non-standard package sizes, complex logistics links, and difficult Internetization. The logistics information was often lagging and asymmetric. The overall information of EPC logistics The level of industrialization has lagged far behind the development of engineering logistics transportation demand. Especially in the context of the country's "Belt and Road" strategy, how to safely send major pieces of engineering to their destinations has become an urgent problem for the EPC logistics industry.

All goods are labeled with SIRUI

In response to the pain points of the industry, Sirius Logistics has proposed a visual tracking solution based on tag scanning. Based on the advanced concept of "Internet of Things" + smart logistics, it has created a transparent supply chain development model for EPC logistics, integrated innovation, and adopted technical means. Greatly improved the ability to collect and track logistics information and the accuracy and timeliness of the data. At the same time, the open PC and APP work together to display the current dynamics of the cargo in real time, and cooperate with the owner, EPC general contractor and factory to jointly manage the goods, and immediately detect the abnormal cargo, thereby effectively reducing the communication cost and improving the efficiency of EPC logistics management.

Informatization construction will also drive the improvement of the overall logistics service level of Sirui Logistics. For the future internal management and cost and risk control of Sirui Logistics, through this platform, it can realize the transparent management of data within the enterprise and the analysis of the comprehensive performance data of logistics transportation, provide support for project decision makers to make correct judgments, and optimize scheduling , Efficient configuration, and fundamentally improve the overall level of logistics services.

2017 is the fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of Sirui Logistics. After years of business precipitation, 15 years later, Sirui Logistics is committed to reshaping the EPC logistics industry with transparency and efficiency, setting industry benchmarks, and adopting innovative methods. And technology to solve customer needs, pursue the ultimate customer value, help companies make better business decisions, help the country ’s “Belt and Road” strategy, provide our customers with more professional and better services, and work with more high-quality Chinese enterprises. "go out"!