2019-03-27,CJ SMART CARGO Logistics-SCA Africa Line

2019-03-24,CJ SMART CARGO Logistics participated in the 2019 Asia Break Bulk Cargo Transport Exhibition

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Cement Industry
Power Industry
Oil And Gas Industry
Offshore Engineering Industry
Heavy Equipment

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CJ SMART CARGO International

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5400 ton semi-submersible offshore platform module for transportation from Nantong to Singapore

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As a leader in the marine engineering module transportation industry, CJ SMART CAROGO specializes in ro-ro, translation and marine transportation services for over-limit structures and major modules. We have rich project design and operation experience ...

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Company Culture

Common values, beliefs, and interests are the cornerstones of cohesion. For an enterprise, the common goal has motivated the company to produce a strong centripetal force; the common value pursuit has formed ...

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Global Branches

CJ SMART CAROGO Logistics Group's network covers 10 industrial cities and ports in China, and has 12 self-operated branches overseas. The business scope covers five countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia ...

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