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Marine project logistics

As a leader in the marine engineering module transportation, CJ SMARTCARGO is specialized in ro-ro, translation and maritime transport services for over-limit structures and major modules.

We boast rich experience in project design and operation and hammer at providing creative solutions to customers. We dabble in multiple fields such as ocean, energy and electricity.

We can transport your overweight cargo anywhere in the world through our own SPB and SPMT.

In February 2015, the use of its own SPB self-propelled deck barge KOREX SPB No.1 successfully completed the 5,400-ton semi-submersible offshore platform module Nantong to Singapore transportation mission.

We have self-propelled barges, heavy lifts and tugboats, and use our extensive experience to provide our customers with the most professional inland, rail, and sea transportation services for every transportation.

We have large-scale transportation equipment, focusing on engineering equipment and large-scale transportation in the chemical industry. We have 252-axis SPMT and 72-axis low-bed transporters.