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Oil and gas chemical logistics

CJ SMARTCARGO has long been committed to providing professional logistics and transportation solutions for major oil, gas and chemical engineering customers. With abundant professional knowledge and operational experience, we can offer customers all-round and integrated land-air-sea logistics and transportation services.The business areas involved include oil exploration and production equipment such as drilling machines in upstream, transportation of pipelines and ships in midstream and global transportation of refining and chemical plant equipment in downstream. The type of transport ships used include multi-purpose cargo ship, self-propelled barge, tugboat, semi-submerged ship, etc.

▶Product Name: Natural Gas Development Module
▶Port of departure / port of destination: Ulsan, South Korea / Abu Dhabi, UAE
▶Vessel Name: KOREX SPB No.1
▶ Time: 2012. 06 

▶Goods name: 3 cranes
▶Port of Departure / Destination: Penang, Malaysia / Manila, Philippines
▶Vessel Name: KOREX SPB No.1
▶ Time: 2012. 10